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Панфилов Илья Михайлович
This year Golyanovo district occupied 3d place in the rating of the the toughest places for tourists in the world.

We want to show that Golyanovo is a normal Moscow district that is definitely not worth ranking 3d place of this rating.

We will install special pins across the district that call local residents to make photos of interesting angles of Golyanovo and share them with the special hashtag #golyanovo.
Thus, when the Russian media writes about the action, photos will be taken from this hashtag. And if users want to see what Golyanovo looks like in Google Images, they will see beautiful pictures made by the locals!

"Dear fellows, this year our district takes 3d place in the international rating of the toughest places for tourists. This fact makes us really upset! We cannot agree with the rating which was prepared by Western media — people who have never been here. Let's show to the world how Golyanovo actually looks like. To do this, we have invited professional photographers who have found angles to the most beautiful places of our favorite district. So let’s take pictures of the places and upload them to instagram and social networks with the hashtag #golyanovo. Now, when someone in the Internet wants to see what Golyanovo looks like, he will see our photos!"


Ilya Panfilov, Anya Berezhnaya